了解我们期望在下一个 TypeORM 版本中获得的惊人新功能。

关于 1.0.0 版本的说明

我们计划在 2018 年秋季的某个时间点发布一个最终稳定的1.0.0版本。 但是,TypeORM 已经在许多大型生产系统中得到了积极的应用。 主 API 已经非常稳定。 TypeORM 遵循语义版本控制,直到1.0.0,重大更改可能出现在0.x.x版本中。 但是,由于 API 已经相当稳定,我们预计不会有太多的重大变化。




  • research @Select and @Where decorators
  • add addSelectAndMap functionality to QueryBuilder
  • research internationalization features
  • research ability to create one-to-many relations without inverse sides
  • research ability to create a single relation with multiple entities at once
  • more tree repository functionality
  • cli: create database backup command
  • extend query method functionality
  • better internal ORM logging
  • better error handling and user-friendly messages
  • better JavaScript support - more docs and test coverage
  • research NativeScript support
  • finish naming strategy implementation
  • implement soft deletion


  • add more tree-table features: nested set and materialized path; more repository methods
  • fix Oracle driver issues and make oracle stable and ready for production use
  • implement migrations generator for all drivers
  • create example how to use TypeORM in Electron apps
  • finish subscribers and listeners implementation
  • refactor persistence mechanism
  • fix all issues with cascades and make stable functionality
  • implement API for manual migration creation
  • add sql.js driver
  • fix inheritance support issues
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