​0.2.32 (2021-03-30)

Bug Fixes


  • add check and dry-run to migration generate (#7275) (d6df200), closes #3037 #6978​

  • add option for installing package using CLI (#6889) (3d876c6)

  • Add support for Access Token Authentication for SQL Server Driver (mssql) (#7477) (e639772)

  • added socketPath support for replicas in MySQL driver (#7459) (8d7afaf)

  • allow to pass the given table name as string in RelationDecorators (#7448) (4dbb10e)

  • implement "FOR UPDATE OF" for postgres driver (#7040) (fde9f07)

  • introduced a new configuration option "formatOptions.castParameters" to delegate the prepare/hydrate parameters to the driver which will result in casting the parameters to their respective column type (#7483) (7793b3f)

  • output Javascript Migrations instead of TypeScript (#7294) (b97cc4f)

​0.2.31 (2021-02-08)

Bug Fixes

  • append condition to STI child entity join (#7339) (68bb82e)

  • avoid regex lookbehind for compatibility (#7270) (063d27f), closes #7026​

  • cache from ENV - add ioredis support (#7332) (5e2117c)

  • datetime2 rounding in mssql (#7264) (4711a71), closes #3202​

  • escape columns in InsertQueryBuilder.orUpdate (#6316) (ab56e07)

  • incorrect postgres uuid type in PrimaryGeneratedColumnType (#7298) (2758502)

  • MariaDB VIRTUAL + [NOT NULL|NULL] error (#7022) (82f2b75), closes #2691​

  • reject nullable primary key columns (#7001) (cdace6e)

  • resolve issue with find with relations returns soft-deleted entities (#7296) (d7cb338), closes #6265​

  • save does not return id, save does not return generated (#7336) (01a6aee)



  • passing ColumnOptions to @PrimaryColumn does not function anymore. One must use PrimaryColumnOptions instead.

  • minor breaking change on "conflict*" options - column names used are now automatically escaped.

​0.2.30 (2021-01-12)

Bug Fixes

  • add missing "comment" field to QB clone method (#7205) (f019771), closes #7203​

  • avoid early release of PostgresQueryRunner (#7109) (#7185) (9abe007)

  • Error when sorting by an embedded entity while using join and skip/take (#7082) (d27dd2a), closes #7079​

  • Fix CLI query command TypeError (#7043) (b35397e)

  • get length attribute of postgres array columns (#7239) (eb82f78), closes #6990​

  • handle overlapping property / database names in querybuilder (#7042) (b518fa1), closes #7030​

  • improve stack traces when using persist executor (#7218) (0dfe5b8)

  • order should allow only model fields, not methods (#7188) (0194193), closes #7178​

  • resolve migration for UpdateDateColumn without ON UPDATE clause (#7057) (ddd8cbc), closes #6995​

  • resolves Postgres sequence identifier length error (#7115) (568ef35), closes #7106​

  • return 'null' (instead of 'undefined') on lazy relations that have no results (#7146) (#7147) (9b278c9)

  • support MongoDB DNS seed list connection (#7136) (f730bb9), closes #3347 #3133​

  • data-api: Fixed how data api driver uses and reuses a client (#6869) (6ce65fb)

  • use default import of yargs for --help (#6986) (6ef8ffe)


​0.2.29 (2020-11-02)

Bug Fixes


  • add ability for escaping for Raw() find operator (#6850) (91b85bf)

  • add absolute path support to other CLI commands (#6807) (d9a76e9)

  • Add SelectQueryBuilder.getOneOrFail() (#6885) (920e781), closes #6246​

  • backport ilike from next (#6862) (c8bf81e)

  • Exit with code 1 on empty migration:generate (#6978) (8244ea1)

  • schema synchronization for partitioned tables with PostgreSQL 12+ (#6780) (990442e)

  • support autoEncryption option for MongoDB (#6865) (b22c27f)

  • Support column comments in Postgres and CockroachDB (#6902) (bc623a4), closes #3360​

  • support ESM in ormconfig js & ts (#6853) (7ebca2b), closes #5003​

  • support query comments in the query builder (#6892) (84c18a9), closes #3643​

  • transactional events in subscriber interface + "transaction" option in FindOptions (#6996) (0e4b239)

Performance Improvements

​0.2.28 (2020-09-30)

Bug Fixes

​0.2.27 (2020-09-29)

Bug Fixes


  • add option to pass postgres server notices to client logger (#6215) (5084e47), closes #2216​

  • backport SQLite Busy handler & WAL mode enable (#6588) (7a52f18)

  • Beautify generated SQL for migrations (#6685) (370442c), closes #4415​

  • create EntityTarget and use instead of EntitySchema / ObjectType / etc (#6701) (8b68f40)


  • Revert "fix: properly override database url properties (#6247)" (#6802) (45b980c), closes #6247 #6802​

​0.2.26 (2020-09-10)

Bug Fixes


​0.2.25 (2020-05-19)

Bug Fixes

  • 'in' clause case for ORACLE (#5345) (8977365)

  • calling EntityManager.insert() with an empty array of entities (#5745) (f8c52f3), closes #5734 #5734 #5734​

  • columns with transformer should be normalized for update (#5700) (4ef6b65), closes #2703​

  • escape column comment in mysql driver (#6056) (5fc802d)

  • expo sqlite driver disconnect() (#6027) (61d59ca)

  • HANA - SSL options, column delta detection mechanism (#5938) (2fd0a8a)

  • handle URL objects as column field values (#5771) (50a0641), closes #5762 #5762​

  • insert and update query builder to handle mssql geometry column correctly (#5947) (87cc6f4)

  • migrations being generated for FK even if there are no changes (#5869) (416e419)

  • multiple assignments to same column on UPDATE #2651 (#5598) (334e17e)

  • prevent TypeError when calling bind function with sql.js 1.2.X (#5789) (c6cbddc)

  • prototype pollution issue (#6096) (db9d0fa)

  • provide a default empty array for parameters. (#5677) (9e8a8cf)

  • redundant undefined parameters are not generated in migration files anymore (#5690) (d5cde49)

  • replacing instanceof Array checks to Array.isArray because instanceof Array seems to be problematic on some platforms (#5606) (b99b4ad)

  • respect database from connection urls (#5640) (ed75d59), closes #2096​

  • sha.js import (#5728) (8c3f48a)

  • Unknown fields are stripped from WHERE clause (issue #3416) (#5603) (215f106)

  • update dependency mkdirp to 1.x (#5748) (edeb561)

  • update Entity decorator return type to ClassDecorator (#5776) (7d8a1ca)

  • use an empty string enum as the type of a primary key column (#6063) (8e0d817), closes #3874​

  • use correct typings for the result of getUpsertedIds() (#5878) (2ab88c2)

  • wrong table name parameter when not using default schema (#5801) (327144a)


  • add FOR NO KEY UPDATE lock mode for postgresql (#5971) (360122f)

  • add name option to view column (#5962) (3cfcc50), closes #5708​

  • Add soft remove and recover methods to entity (#5854) (9d2b8e0)

  • added support for NOWAIT & SKIP LOCKED in Postgres (#5927) (2c90e1c)

  • Aurora Data API - Postgres Support (#5651) (e584297)

  • aurora Data API - Support for AWS configuration options through aurora driver (#5754) (1829f96)

  • create-column, update-column, version-column column kinds now support user specified values (#5867) (5a2eb30), closes #3271​

  • names of extra columns for specific tree types moved to NamingStrategy (#5737) (ec3be41)

  • PG allow providing a function for password (#5673) (265d1ae)

  • update cli migration up and down from any to void (#5630) (76e165d)

  • UpdateResult returns affected rows in mysql (#5628) (17f2fff), closes #1308​

Performance Improvements

  • An optimized version of EntityMetadata#compareIds() for the common case (#5419) (a9bdb37)

​0.2.23, 0.2.24 (2020-02-28)

Bug Fixes

  • .synchronize() drops json column on mariadb (#5391) (e3c78c1), closes typeorm/typeorm#3636​

  • (base-entity) set create return type to T[] (#5400) (ceff897)

  • add the enableArithAbort option to the sql server connection option typings (#5526) (d19dbc6)

  • bug when default value in mssql were not updated if previous default was already set (9fc8329)

  • change OrmUtils.mergeDeep to not merge RegExp objects (#5182) (0f51836), closes #3534​

  • fk on update should not use attributes of on delete (2baa934)

  • load typeorm-aurora-data-api-driver correctly when using webpack (#4788) (#5302) (9da0d34)

  • not to make typeorm generate alter query on geometry column when that column was not changed (#5525) (ee57557)

  • Oracle sql expression for date column (#5305) (40e9d3a), closes #4452 #4452​

  • refactoring instance of with Array.isArray() (#5539) (1e1595e)

  • Return NULL when normalize default null value (#5517) (1826b75), closes #5509​

  • SAP HANA driver fixes (#5445) (87b161f)

  • update foreign keys when table name changes (#5482) (7157cb3)

  • use OUTPUT INTO on SqlServer for returning columns (#5361) (6bac3ca), closes #5160 #5160​

  • use sha.js instead of crypto for hash calculation (#5270) (b380a7f)


​0.2.22 (2019-12-23)

Bug Fixes



  • aliases for very long relation names may be replaced with hashed strings.

    Fix: avoid collisions by using longest possible hash.

    Retain more entropy by not using only 8 characters of hashed aliases.

​0.2.21 (2019-12-05)

Bug Fixes


​0.2.20 (2019-10-18)

Bug Fixes


​0.2.19 (2019-09-13)

Bug Fixes

  • "database" option error in driver when use "url" option for connection (690e6f5)

  • "hstore injection" & properly handle NULL, empty string, backslashes & quotes in hstore key/value pairs (#4720) (3abe5b9)

  • add SaveOptions and RemoveOptions into ActiveRecord (#4318) (a6d7ba2)

  • apostrophe in Postgres enum strings breaks query (#4631) (445c740)

  • change PrimaryColumn decorator to clone passed options (#4571) (3cf470d), closes #4570​

  • createQueryBuilder relation remove works only if using ID (#2632) (#4734) (1d73a90)

  • resolve issue with conversion string to simple-json (#4476) (d1594f5), closes #4440​

  • sqlite connections don't ignore the schema property (#4599) (d8f1c81)

  • the excessive stack depth comparing types FindConditions<?> and FindConditions<?> problem (#4470) (7a0beed)

  • views generating broken Migrations (#4726) (c52b3d2), closes #4123​



Bug fixes

  • fixed loadRelationCountAndMap when entities' primary keys are strings (#3946)

  • fixed QueryExpressionMap not cloning all values correctly (#4156)

  • fixed transform embeddeds with no columns but with nested embeddeds (mongodb) (#4131)

  • fixed the getMany() result being droped randomly bug when using the buffer as primary key. (#4220)


  • adds typeorm migration:show command (#4173)

  • deprecate column readonly option in favor of update and insert options (#4035)

  • support sql.js v1.0 (#4104)

  • added support for orUpdate in SQLlite (#4097)

  • added support for dirty_read (NOLOCK) in SQLServer (#4133)

  • extend afterLoad() subscriber interface to take LoadEvent (issue #4185)

  • relation decorators (e.g. @OneToMany) now also accept string instead of typeFunction, which prevents circular dependency issues in the frontend/browser (issue #4190)

  • added support for metadata reflection in typeorm-class-transformer-shim.js (issue #4219)

  • added sqlJsConfig to input config when initializing sql.js (issue #4559)

0.2.17 (2019-05-01)

Bug fixes

  • fixed transform embeddeds with boolean values (mongodb) (#3900)

  • fixed issue with schema inheritance in STI pattern (#3957)

  • revert changes from #3814 (#3828)

  • fix performance issue when inserting into raw tables with QueryBuilder


  • sqlite date hydration is susceptible to corruption (#3949)

  • fixed mongodb uniques, support 3 ways to define uniques (#3986)

  • fixed mongodb TTL index (#4044)


  • added deferrable options for foreign keys (postgres) (#2191)

  • added View entity implementation (#1024). Read more at View entities​

  • added multiple value transformer support (#4007)

0.2.16 (2019-03-26)

Bug fixes

  • removed unused parameters from insert, update, delete methods (#3888)

  • fixed: migration generator produces duplicated changes (#1960)

  • fixed: unique constraint not created on embedded entity field (#3142)

  • fixed: FK columns have wrong length when PrimaryGeneratedColumn('uuid') is used (#3604)

  • fixed: column option unique sqlite error (#3803)

  • fixed: 'uuid' in PrimaryGeneratedColumn causes Many-to-Many Relationship to Fail (#3151)

  • fixed: sync enums on schema sync (#3694)

  • fixed: changes in enum type is not reflected when generating migration (in definition file) (#3244)

  • fixed: migration will keep create and drop indexes if index name is the same across tables (#3379)


  • added lock option in FindOptions

0.2.15 (2019-03-14)

Bug fixes

  • fixed bug in connection.dropDatabase method (#1414)

  • fixed "deep relations" not loaded/mapped due to the built-in max length of Postgres (#3118)

  • updated all dependencies

  • fixed types issue from #3725​

  • removed sql-function-support (() => syntax) in parameters to prevent security considerations

  • fix sync schema issue with postgres enum in case capital letters in entity name (#3536)


  • added uuidExtension option to Postgres connection options, which allows TypeORM to use the newer pgcrypto extension to generate UUIDs

0.2.14 (2019-02-25)

Bug fixes

  • fixed migration issue with postgres numeric enum type - change queries are not generated if enum is not modified (#3587)

  • fixed mongodb entity listeners in optional embeddeds (#3450)

  • fixes returning invalid delete result

  • reverted lazy loading properties not enumerable feature to fix related bugs


  • added CockroachDB support

  • added browser entry point to package.json (3583)

  • replaced backend-only drivers by dummy driver in browser builds

  • added useLocalForage option to Sql.js connection options, which enables asynchronous load and save operations of the datatbase from the indexedDB (#3554)

  • added simple-enum column type (#1414)

0.2.13 (2019-02-10)

Bug Fixes

  • fixed undefined object id field in case property name is _id (3517)

  • allow to use mongodb index options in Index decorator (#3592)

  • fixed entity embeddeds indices in mongodb (#3585)

  • fixed json/jsonb column data types comparison (#3496)

  • fixed increment/decrement value of embedded entity (#3182)

  • fixed missing call transformer.from() in case column is NULL (#3395)

  • fixed signatures of update/insert methods, some find* methods in repositories, entity managers, BaseEntity and QueryBuilders

  • handle embedded documents through multiple levels in mongodb (#3551)

  • fixed hanging connections in mssql driver (#3327)


  • Injection 2nd parameter(options) of constructor to ioredis/cluster is now possible(#3538)

0.2.12 (2019-01-20)

Bug Fixes

  • fixed mongodb entity listeners and subscribers (#1527)

  • fixed connection options builder - paramters parsed from url are assigned on top of options (#3442)

  • fixed issue with logical operator precedence in QueryBuilder whereInIds (#2103)

  • fixed missing isolationLevel in Connection.transaction() method (#3363)

  • fixed broken findOne method with custom join column name

  • fixed issue with uuid in mysql (#3374)

  • fixed missing export of Exclusion decorator

  • fixed ignored extra options in mongodb driver (#3403, #1741)

  • fixed signature of root getRepository function to accept EntitySchema<Entity> (#3402)

  • fixed false undefined connection options passed into mongodb client (#3366)

  • fixed ER_DUP_FIELDNAME with simple find (#3350)


  • added tslib to reduce package size (#3457, #3458)

  • queries are simplified in findByIds and whereInIds for simple entities with single primary key (#3431)

  • added ioredis and ioredis-cluster cache support (#3289,#3364)

  • added LessThanOrEqual and MoreThanOrEqual find options (#3373)

  • improve support of string, numeric and heterogeneous enums in postgres and mysql (#3414)

  • default value of enum array in postgres is now possible define as typescript array (#3414)

    type: "enum",
    enum: StringEnum,
    array: true,
    default: [StringEnum.ADMIN]
    stringEnums: StringEnum[];

Breaking changes

  • UpdateQueryBuilder now throw error if update values are not provided or unknown property is passed into .set() method (#2849,#3324)


  • hot fix for mysql schema sync bug


  • allowed caching options from environment variable (#3321)

  • more accurate type for postgres ssl parameters

  • added support for ON UPDATE CASCADE relations for mysql

  • returns union type

  • added reuse of lazy relationships

  • added ability to disable prefixes for embedded columns

  • migrations can be tested

  • migration run returns array of successful migrations

  • added debug ENV option

  • added support for postgres exclusion constraints

  • bug fixes

  • documentation updates

  • fixed issue with mysql primary generated uuid ER_TOO_LONG_KEY (#1139)


  • UpdateEvent now returns with contains updatedColumns and updatedRelations


  • added support for specifying isolation levels in transactions

  • added SQLCipher connection option for sqlite

  • added driver to support Expo platform for sqlite

  • added support for nativescript

  • bug fixes

  • documentation updates


  • added support for rowversion type for mssql (#2198)


  • fixed wrong aggregate and count methods signature in mongodb


  • added support for enum arrays in postgres

  • fixed issue with lazy relations (#1953)

  • fixed issue with migration file generator using a wrong class name (#2070)

  • fixed issue with unhandled promise rejection warning on postgres connection (#2067)


  • fixed bug with relation id loader queries not working with self-referencing relations

  • fixed issues with zerofill and unsigned options not available in column options (#2049)

  • fixed issue with lazy relation loader (#2029)

  • fixed issue with closure table not properly escaped when using custom schema (#2043)

  • fixed issue #2053


  • fixed bug with selecting default values after persistence when initialized properties defined

  • fixed bug with find operators used on relational columns (#2031)

  • fixed bug with DEFAULT as functions in mssql (#1991)


  • fixing bugs with STI

  • fixed bug in mysql schema synchronization


  • fixed bug with STI

  • fixed bug with lazy relations inside transactions


  • completely refactored, improved and optimized persistence process and performance.

  • removed cascade remove functionality, refactored how cascades are working.

  • removed cascadeRemove option from relation options.

  • replaced cascadeAll with cascade: true syntax from relation options.

  • replaced cascadeInsert with cascade: ["insert"] syntax from relation options.

  • replaced cascadeUpdate with cascade: ["update"] syntax from relation options.

  • now when one-to-one or many-to-one relation is loaded and its not set (set to null) ORM returns you entity with relation set to null instead of undefined property as before.

  • now relation id can be set directly to relation, e.g. Post { @ManyToOne(type => Tag) tag: Tag|number } with post.tag = 1 usage.

  • now you can disable persistence on any relation by setting @OneToMany(type => Post, post => tag, { persistence: false }). This can dramatically improve entity save performance.

  • loadAllRelationIds method of QueryBuilder now accepts list of relation paths that needs to be loaded, also disableMixedMap option is now by default set to false, but you can enable it via new method parameter options

  • now returning and output statements of InsertQueryBuilder support array of columns as argument

  • now when many-to-many and one-to-many relation set to null all items from that relation are removed, just like it would be set to empty array

  • fixed issues with relation update from one-to-one non-owner side

  • now version column is updated on the database level, not by ORM anymore

  • now created date and update date columns is set on the database level, not by ORM anymore (e.g. using CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as a default value)

  • now InsertQueryBuilder, UpdateQueryBuilder and DeleteQueryBuilder automatically update entities after execution.

    This only happens if real entity objects are passed.

    Some databases (like mysql and sqlite) requires a separate query to perform this operation.

    If you want to disable this behavior use queryBuilder.updateEntity(false) method.

    This feature is convenient for users who have uuid, create/update date, version columns or columns with DEFAULT value set.

  • now InsertQueryBuilder, UpdateQueryBuilder and DeleteQueryBuilder call subscribers and listeners.

    You can disable this behavior by setting queryBuilder.callListeners(false) method.

  • Repository and EntityManager method .findOneById is deprecated and will be removed in next 0.3.0 version.

    Use findOne(id) method instead now.

  • InsertQueryBuilder now returns InsertResult which contains extended information and metadata about runned query

  • UpdateQueryBuilder now returns UpdateResult which contains extended information and metadata about runned query

  • DeleteQueryBuilder now returns DeleteResult which contains extended information and metadata about runned query

  • now insert / update / delete queries built with QueryBuilder can be wrapped into a transaction using useTransaction(true) method of the QueryBuilder.

  • insert, update and delete methods of QueryRunner now use InsertQueryRunner, UpdateQueryRunner and DeleteQueryRunner inside

  • removed deprecated removeById, removeByIds methods

  • removed deleteById method - use delete(id) method instead now

  • removed updateById method - use update(id) method instead now

  • changed snakeCase utility - check table names after upgrading

  • added ability to disable transaction in save and remove operations

  • added ability to disable listeners and subscribers in save and remove operations

  • added ability to save and remove objects in chunks

  • added ability to disable entity reloading after insertion and updation

  • class table inheritance functionality has been completely dropped

  • single table inheritance functionality has been fixed

  • @SingleEntityChild has been renamed to @ChildEntity

  • @DiscriminatorValue has been removed, instead parameter in @ChildEntity must be used, e.g. @ChildEntity("value")

  • @DiscriminatorColumn decorator has been removed, use @TableInheritance options instead now

  • skipSync in entity options has been renamed to synchronize. Now if it set to false schema synchronization for the entity will be disabled.

    By default its true.

  • now array initializations for relations are forbidden and ORM throws an error if there are entities with initialized relation arrays.

  • @ClosureEntity decorator has been removed. Instead @Entity + @Tree("closure-table") must be used

  • added support for nested set and materialized path tree hierarchy patterns

  • breaking change on how array parameters work in queries - now instead of (:param) new syntax must be used (:...param).

    This fixed various issues on how real arrays must work

  • changed the way how entity schemas are created (now more type-safe), now interface EntitySchema is a class

  • added @Unique decorator. Accepts custom unique constraint name and columns to be unique. Used only on as

    composite unique constraint, on table level. E.g. @Unique("uq_id_name", ["id", "name"])

  • added @Check decorator. Accepts custom check constraint name and expression. Used only on as

    composite check constraint, on table level. E.g. @Check("chk_name", "name <> 'asd'")

  • fixed Oracle issues, now it will be fully maintained as other drivers

  • implemented migrations functionality in all drivers

  • CLI commands changed from migrations:create, migrations:generate, migrations:revert and migrations:run to migration:create, migration:generate, migration:revert and migration:run

  • changed the way how migrations work (more info in #1315). Now migration table contains id column with auto-generated keys, you need to re-create migrations table or add new column manually.

  • entity schemas syntax was changed

  • dropped support for WebSql and SystemJS

  • @Index decorator now accepts synchronize option. This option need to avoid deleting custom indices which is not created by TypeORM

  • new flag in relation options was introduced: { persistence: false }. You can use it to prevent any extra queries for relations checks

  • added support for UNSIGNED and ZEROFILL column attributes in MySQL

  • added support for generated columns in MySQL

  • added support for ON UPDATE column option in MySQL

  • added SPATIAL and FULLTEXT index options in MySQL

  • added hstore and enum column types support in Postgres

  • added range types support in Postgres

  • TypeORM now uses { "supportBigNumbers": true, "bigNumberStrings": true } options by default for node-mysql

  • Integer data types in MySQL now accepts width option instead of length

  • junction tables now have onDelete: "CASCADE" attribute on their foreign keys

  • ancestor and descendant columns in ClosureTable marked as primary keys

  • unique index now will be created for the join columns in ManyToOne and OneToOne relations


  • fixed bug in InsertQueryBuilder


  • fixed timestamp issues


  • fixed issue with entity order by applied to update query builder


  • security and bug fixes


  • security and bug fixes


  • optimized hydration performance (#1672)


  • added simple-json column type (#1448)

  • fixed transform behaviour for timestamp columns (#1140)

  • fixed issue with multi-level relations loading (#1504)


  • EntitySubscriber now fires events on subclass entity (#1369)

  • fixed error with entity schema validator being async (#1448)


  • postgres extensions now gracefully handled when user does not have rights to use them (#1407)


  • sqljs driver now enforces FK integrity by default (same behavior as sqlite)

  • fixed issue that broke browser support in 0.1.8 because of the debug package (#1344)


  • fixed bug with sqlite and mysql schema synchronization when uuid column is used (#1332)


  • New DebugLogger (#1302)

  • fixed issue with primary relations being nullable by default - now they are not nullable always

  • fixed issue with multiple databases support when tables with same name are used across multiple databases


  • fixed bug with migrations execution in mssql (#1254)

  • added support for more complex ordering in paginated results (#1259)

  • MSSQL users are required to add "order by" for skip/offset operations since mssql does not support OFFSET/LIMIT statement without order by applied

  • fixed issue when relation query builder methods execute operations with empty arrays (#1241)

  • Webpack can now be used for node projects and not only for browser projects. To use TypeORM in Ionic with minimal changes checkout the ionic-example for the needed changes. To use webpack for non-Ionic browser webpack projects, the needed configuration can be found in the docs (#1280)

  • added support for loading sub-relations in via find options (#1270)


  • added support for indices and listeners in embeddeds

  • added support for ON CONFLICT keyword

  • fixed bug with query builder where lazy relations are loaded multiple times when using leftJoinAndSelect (#996)

  • fixed bug in all sqlite based drivers that generated wrong uuid columns (#1128 and #1161)


  • fixed bug where findByIds would return values with an empty array (#1118)

  • fixed bug in MigrationExecutor that didn't release created query builder (#1201)


  • fixed bug in mysql driver that generated wrong query when using skip (#1099)

  • added option to create query builder from repository without alias(#1084)

  • fixed bug that made column option "select" unusable (#1110)

  • fixed bug that generated mongodb projects what don't work (#1119)


  • added support for sql.js. To use it you just need to install npm i sql.js and use sqljs as driver type (#894).

  • added explicit require() statements for drivers (#1143)

  • fixed bug where wrong query is generated with multiple primary keys (#1146)

  • fixed bug for oracle driver where connect method was wrong (#1177)


  • sqlite now supports relative database file paths (#798 and #799)

  • fixed bug with not properly working update method (#1037, #1042)

  • fixed bug with replication support (#1035)

  • fixed bug with wrong embedded column names being generated (#969)

  • added support for caching in respositories (#1057)

  • added support for the citext column type for postgres (#1075)


  • added support for pg-native for postgres (#975). To use it you just need to install npm i pg-native and it will be picked up automatically.

  • now Find Options support -1 and 1 for DESC and ASC values. This is better user experience for MongoDB users.

  • now inheritances in embeddeds are supported (#966).

  • isArray: boolean in ColumnOptions is deprecated. Use array: boolean instead.

  • deprecated removeById method, now use deleteById method instead.

  • added insert and delete methods into repository and entity manager.

  • fixed multiple issues with update, updateById and removeById methods in repository and entity manager. Now they do not use save and remove methods anymore - instead they are using QueryBuilder to build and execute their queries.

  • now save method can accept partial entities.

  • removed opencollective dependency.

  • fixed issues with bulk entity insertions.

  • find* methods now can find by embed conditions.

  • fixed issues with multiple schema support, added option to @JoinTable to support schema and database.

  • multiple small bugfixes.



  • Table, AbstractTable, ClassTableChild, ClosureTable, EmbeddableTable, SingleTableChild deprecated decorators were removed. Use Entity, ClassEntityChild, ClosureEntity, SingleEntityChild decorators instead.

  • EntityManager#create, Repository#create, EntityManager#preload, Repository#preload, EntityManager#merge, Repository#merge methods now accept DeepPartial<Entity> instead of Object.

  • EntityManager#merge, Repository#merge methods first argument is now an entity where to need to merge all given entity-like objects.

  • changed find* repository methods. Now conditions are Partial<Entity> type.

  • removed FindOptions interface and introduced two new interfaces: FindOneOptions and FindManyOptions - each for its own findOne* or find* methods.

  • dropped out some of options of FindOptions. Use QueryBuilder instead. However, added few new options as well.

  • deprecated method addParameters has been removed from QueryBuilder. Use setParameters instead.

  • removed setMaxResults, setFirstResult methods in QueryBuilder. Use take and skip methods instead.

  • renamed entityManager to manager in Connection, AbstractRepository and event objects. entityManager property was removed.

  • renamed persist to save in EntityManager and Repository objects. persist method was removed.

  • SpecificRepository is removed. Use relational query builder functionality instead.

  • transaction method has been removed from Repository. Use EntityManager#transaction method instead.

  • custom repositories do not support container anymore.

  • controller / subscriber / migrations from options tsconfig now appended with a project root directory

  • removed naming strategy decorator, naming strategy by name functionality. Now naming strategy should be registered by passing naming strategy instance directly.

  • driver section in connection options now deprecated. All settings should go directly to connection options root.

  • removed fromTable from the QueryBuilder. Now use regular from to select from tables.

  • removed usePool option from the connection options. Pooling now is always enabled.

  • connection options interface has changed and now each platform has its own set of connection options.

  • storage in sqlite options has been renamed to database.

  • env variable names for connection were changed (TYPEORM_DRIVER_TYPE has been renamed to TYPEORM_CONNECTION, some other renaming). More env variable names you can find in ConnectionOptionsEnvReader class.

  • some api changes in ConnectionManager and createConnection / createConnections methods of typeorm main entrypoint.

  • simple_array column type now is called simple-array

  • some column types were removed. Now orm uses column types of underlying database.

  • now number type in column definitions (like @Column() likes: number) maps to integer instead of double. This is more programmatic design. If you need to store float-pointing values - define a type explicitly.

  • fixedLength in column options has been removed. Now actual column types can be used, e.g. @Column("char") or @Column("varchar").

  • timezone option has been removed from column options. Now corresponding database types can be used instead.

  • localTimezone has been removed from the column options.

  • skipSchemaSync in entity options has been renamed to skipSync.

  • setLimit and setOffset in QueryBuilder were renamed into limit and offset.

  • nativeInterface has been removed from a driver interface and implementations.

  • now typeorm works with the latest version of mssql (version 4).

  • fixed how orm creates default values for SqlServer - now it creates constraints for it as well.

  • migrations interface has changed - now up and down accept only QueryRunner. To use Connection and EntityManager use properties of QueryRunner, e.g. queryRunner.connection and queryRunner.manager.

  • now update method in QueryBuilder accepts Partial<Entity> and property names used in update map are column property names and they are automatically mapped to column names.

  • SpecificRepository has been removed. Instead new RelationQueryBuilder was introduced.

  • getEntitiesAndRawResults of QueryBuilder has been renamed to getRawAndEntities.

  • in mssql all constraints are now generated using table name in their names - this is fixes issues with duplicate constraint names.

  • now when object is loaded from the database all its columns with null values will be set into entity properties as null. Also after saving entity with unset properties that will be stored as nulls - their (properties) values will be set to null.

  • create and update dates in entities now use date with fractional seconds.

  • @PrimaryGeneratedColumn decorator now accept generation strategy as first argument (default is increment), instead of column type. Column type must be passed in options object, e.g. @PrimaryGeneratedColumn({ type: "bigint"}).

  • @PrimaryColumn now does not accept generated parameter in options. Use @Generated or @PrimaryGeneratedColumn decorators instead.

  • Logger interface has changed. Custom logger supply mechanism has changed.

  • Now logging options in connection options is simple "true", or "all", or list of logging modes can be supplied.

  • removed driver section in connection options. Define options right in the connection options section.

  • Embedded decorator is deprecated now. use @Column(type => SomeEmbedded) instead.

  • schemaName in connection options is removed. Use schema instead.


  • schemaSync method in Connection has been renamed to synchronize.

  • getEntityManager has been deprecated. Use getManager instead.

  • @TransactionEntityManager is now called @TransactionManager now.

  • EmbeddableEntity, Embedded, AbstractEntity decorators has been removed. There is no need to use EmbeddableEntity and AbstractEntity decorators at all - entity will work as expected without them. Instead of @Embedded(type => X) decorator now @Column(type => X) must be used instead.

  • tablesPrefix, autoSchemaSync, autoMigrationsRun, dropSchemaOnConnection options were removed. Use entityPrefix, synchronize, migrationsRun, dropSchema options instead.

  • removed persist method from the Repository and EntityManager. Use save method instead.

  • removed getEntityManager from typeorm namespace. Use getManager method instead.

  • refactored how query runner works, removed query runner provider

  • renamed TableSchema into Table

  • renamed ColumnSchema into TableColumn

  • renamed ForeignKeySchema into TableForeignKey

  • renamed IndexSchema into TableIndex

  • renamed PrimaryKeySchema into TablePrimaryKey


  • added mongodb support.

  • entity now can be saved partially within update method.

  • added prefix support to embeddeds.

  • now embeddeds inside other embeddeds are supported.

  • now relations are supported inside embeds.

  • now relations for multiple primary keys are generated properly.

  • now ormconfig is read from .env, .js, .json, .yml, .xml formats.

  • all database-specific types are supported now.

  • now migrations generation in mysql is supported. Use typeorm migrations:generate command.

  • getGeneratedQuery was renamed to getQuery in QueryBuilder.

  • getSqlWithParameters was renamed to getSqlAndParameters in QueryBuilder.

  • sql queries are highlighted in console.

  • added @Generated decorator. It can accept strategy option with values increment and uuid. Default is increment. It always generates value for column, except when column defined as nullable and user sets null value in to column.

  • added logging of log-running requests.

  • added replication support.

  • added custom table schema and database support in Postgres, Mysql and Sql Server drivers.

  • multiple bug fixes.

  • added ActiveRecord support (by extending BaseEntity) class

  • Connection how has createQueryRunner that can be used to control database connection and its transaction state

  • QueryBuilder is abstract now and all different kinds of query builders were created for different query types - SelectQueryBuilder, UpdateQueryBuilder, InsertQueryBuilder and DeleteQueryBuilder with individual method available.


  • fixes #341 - issue when trying to create a OneToOne relation with

    referencedColumnName where the relation is not between primary keys


  • added ObjectLiteral and ObjectType into main exports

  • fixed issue fixes #345.

  • fixed issue with migration not saving into the database correctly.

    Note its a breaking change if you have run migrations before and have records in the database table,

    make sure to apply corresponding changes. More info in #360 issue.


  • fixed bug with indices from columns are not being inherited from parent entity #242​

  • added support of UUID primary columns (thanks @seanski)

  • added count method to repository and entity manager (thanks @aequasi)


  • added complete babel support

  • added clear method to Repository and EntityManager which allows to truncate entity table

  • exported EntityRepository in typeorm/index

  • fixed issue with migration generation in #239 (thanks to @Tobias4872)

  • fixed issue with using extra options with SqlServer #236 (thanks to @jmai00)

  • fixed issue with non-pooled connections #234 (thanks to @benny-medflyt)

  • fixed issues:








  • added custom entity repositories support

  • merged typeorm-browser and typeorm libraries into single package

  • added @Transaction decorator

  • added exports to typeorm/index for naming strategies

  • added shims for browsers using typeorm in frontend models, also added shim to use typeorm

    with class-transformer library on the frontend

  • fixed issue when socketPath could not be used with mysql driver (thanks @johncoffee)

  • all table decorators are renamed to Entity (Table => Entity, AbstractTable => AbstractEntity,

    ClassTableChild => ClassEntityChild, ClosureTable => ClosureEntity, EmbeddableTable => EmbeddableEntity,

    SingleTableChild => SingleEntityChild). This change is required because upcoming versions of orm will work

    not only with tables, but also with documents and other database-specific "tables".

    Previous decorator names are deprecated and will be removed in the future.

  • added custom repositories support. Example in samples directory.

  • cascade remove options has been removed from @ManyToMany, @OneToMany decorators. Also cascade remove is not possible

    from two sides of @OneToOne relationship now.

  • fixed issues with subscribers and transactions

  • typeorm now has translation in chinese (thanks @brookshi)

  • added schemaName support for postgres database #152 (thanks @mingyang91)

  • fixed bug when new column was'nt added properly in sqlite #157​

  • added ability to set different types of values for DEFAULT value of the column #150​

  • added ability to use zero, false and empty string values as DEFAULT values in #189 (thanks to @Luke265)

  • fixed bug with junction tables persistence (thanks @Luke265)

  • fixed bug regexp in QueryBuilder (thanks @netnexus)

  • fixed issues #202, #203 (thanks to @mingyang91)

  • fixed issues

















  • added JSONB support for Postgres in #126 (thanks @CreepGin@CreepGin)

  • fixed in in sqlite query runner in #141 (thanks