Naming strategy

  • Specify custom table name

  • Specify custom column name

  • Specify custom foreign column name

  • Specify custom many-to-many junction table name

  • Creating your own NamingStrategy

Creating your own NamingStrategy

If you defined your connection options in the ormconfig file, then you can simply use it and override it following way:

import {createConnection, getConnectionOptions} from "typeorm";
import {MyNamingStrategy} from "./logger/MyNamingStrategy";
// getConnectionOptions will read options from your ormconfig file
// and return it in connectionOptions object
// then you can simply append additional properties to it
getConnectionOptions().then(connectionOptions => {
return createConnection(Object.assign(connectionOptions, {
namingStrategy: new MyNamingStrategy()

Naming Strategy is a subject to change. Expect detailed documentation once its API gets stabilized.