See what amazing new features we are expecting to land in the next TypeORM versions.

Note on 1.0.0 release

We are planning to release a final stable 1.0.0 version in near future. However, TypeORM is already actively used in a number of big production systems. The main API is already very stable. TypeORM follows a semantic versioning and until 1.0.0, breaking changes may appear in 0.x.x versions. However, since the API is already quite stable we don't expect too many breaking changes.

How to install latest development version?

To install latest development version use the following command:


  • research @Select and @Where decorators
  • add addSelectAndMap functionality to QueryBuilder
  • research internationalization features
  • research ability to create one-to-many relations without inverse sides
  • research ability to create a single relation with multiple entities at once
  • more tree repository functionality
  • cli: create database backup command
  • extend query method functionality
  • better internal ORM logging
  • better error handling and user-friendly messages
  • better JavaScript support - more docs and test coverage
  • research NativeScript support
  • finish naming strategy implementation
  • implement soft deletion


  • add more tree-table features: nested set and materialized path; more repository methods
  • fix Oracle driver issues and make oracle stable and ready for production use
  • implement migrations generator for all drivers
  • create example how to use TypeORM in Electron apps
  • finish subscribers and listeners implementation
  • refactor persistence mechanism
  • fix all issues with cascades and make stable functionality
  • implement API for manual migration creation
  • add sql.js driver
  • fix inheritance support issues